Thursday, September 17, 2009

Wood Pile

We went out yesterday to get some firewood. I took this one while we searched for felled trees to cut. The pickings were slim but I still found some interesting things.

I have always loved this type of tree bark... doesn't it look like puzzle pieces? It comes apart just like layers of thin wooden puzzles and it smells like vanilla.

This tree was struck by lightning.

Then we found out that the Forest Service was dumping logs right in town for us to take. I guess they were clearing out old burned areas and just thinning out the forest and this time they decided to bring it to us! It was much easier than the way we usually do it... traipsing all over looking for logs and then dragging them back to the van, but I love the adventure of the woods... this is the best shot I got while at the wood pile.

oh and the NOISE! There must have been a dozen chainsaws buzzing.


DUTA said...

In my childhood I used to hear the grown -ups talk of two kinds of warnings: 1. don't live near a forest (danger of fire), 2. don't live near waters (danger of floods).

And yet I envy people like you that can wander freely in the forest, see, smell and touch the wonders of nature.

The pictures are great!

Land of shimp said...

Those are beautiful pictures! I particularly like the picture of the bark, also. I thought of puzzle pieces the moment I saw it too. What a glorious place to live.

DUTA, I've heard that! Admittedly, all life has risks attendant to it, doesn't it? Don't get me wrong, wandering around in a rainstorm, wearing a lightning rod as a hat is inviting risk. Living near a forest, or risking exposure to the storms of the sea is more like accepting risk in a trade off.

Jennifer, you really do take photographs very well. You have a good eye, I say as someone who absolutely does not.

Thanks so much for sharing the pictures!