Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Pet Parade

We did it!
We were able to raise $2000 for abandoned pets at The Northland Pet Pantry150 "Play Strong" scarves were decorated in many clever ways and our sweet pets modeled them so well. Kelee Katillac and her handsome pup Oliver are an inspiration. Here is a photo of the scarf Cosmo and I made.

But we are not done! Head on over to the Katillac Shack and watch the Pet Parade Video ... its fantastic. Leave a comment on Kelee's post and another dollar will be donated. This project has been so much fun, thanks to all of you who helped.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

5 years old

Today I want to write a little post about my super talented blue eyed nephew, Jesse.
He is 5 years old today, a very important year indeed.
The brave boy started school this month and it only took him a couple days to get the hang of it. He is on his way to great things.

This picture below is my favorite, so sweet.

Jesse is a music lover and the ultimate fan of Spiderman.
I am so proud of you, Jesse!
I just know you'll have a wonderful time at Disneyland... after all it is the Happiest Place on Earth. I wish I could be there, it is my favorite place to be. Make sure you ride the Peter Pan ride for me... and if you're brave enough you gotta go on Pirates of the Carribean... Yo Ho, Yo Ho a Pirates life for me.

Happy Birthday Jesse!!!!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Wood Pile

We went out yesterday to get some firewood. I took this one while we searched for felled trees to cut. The pickings were slim but I still found some interesting things.

I have always loved this type of tree bark... doesn't it look like puzzle pieces? It comes apart just like layers of thin wooden puzzles and it smells like vanilla.

This tree was struck by lightning.

Then we found out that the Forest Service was dumping logs right in town for us to take. I guess they were clearing out old burned areas and just thinning out the forest and this time they decided to bring it to us! It was much easier than the way we usually do it... traipsing all over looking for logs and then dragging them back to the van, but I love the adventure of the woods... this is the best shot I got while at the wood pile.

oh and the NOISE! There must have been a dozen chainsaws buzzing.

Lucky Girl

I feel like such a lucky girl today. I have scored at the thrift store like I never have before and I never left the house!

My Aunt Shush has sent me bags and bags of fantastic reuseable items.

The orange vase and the chicken shakers already have a perfect home in house.

Some incredible yarn, crochet needles and patterns.

Look at all this fabric!

This gorgeous fabric below made my heart go pitter patter. I am thinking a blouse for me is in order.
I still have this bag to go through.

Thank you so much Auntie Shush you are truely a creative master and a generous heart.

Places with Character

I want to recommend to you a blog I have been following named Places with Character. I find it to be very thought provoking, sensitive and insightful. This blog is truely a place with character.
The blogging world is somewhat new to me and I am continually amazed at the amount of great writing there is out there in Blogland.
I think I will occasionally post about some of the best ones I've found.

P.S- Duta!- I am having a terrible time leaving comments on your blog. Please don't think I am not wanting to comment, I am... but when I click on post comment nothing happens. :O(

Monday, September 14, 2009

Super Chargers

Look what I made yesterday!
This little dress and the pair of pants below are for my favorite little Charger fans. I wish I could just zap them right on over to them so they would have them for the big game today but I will just have to do it the old snail mail way :O)

I am going to sell these two sweet dresses just as soon as I figure out what to charge!

The photos didn't turn out very well due to an impending storm.
Fall is here I'm afraid.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Grown up tie dyes

Here are several of Kevin's adult tie dyes. Awesome!

Now I am going to get back to sewing, I am on a roll.
I love it when I'm "in the zone", it's like no one can stop the creative flow!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Teeny Tie Dye Tanks

Here are a few little girls tanks Kevin and I dyed, aren't they sweet?
I really need to get a child sized mannequin, don't you think?

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Gothic Comfort

What do you think about this project?

My brothers' girlfriend has a deep love for Gothic... well... everything! She is a Halloween all year round kinda girl.
So I made her this pillow for Christmas and then I just couldn't wait!
I had to send it to her.
I love those creepy skeletal faces.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Beautiful Workplace

I have had many different jobs in my life so far, retail clothing salesgirl, ice cream scooper, bank teller, teachers aide, bookkeeper, and many more but I never had workplace as beautiful as I do now. As you may know my husband and I own a chimney sweeping service, it is a grueling and dirty job but on the other hand it does have its upside just like all jobs.

Here are some photos I took today while on the job.
I love Bees, they do so much for us
I love Ducks too.
This duck below was eating bugs in the marsh... I think... or she was eating the marsh itself.
She sounded like a piglet. :0) Under those ducks were the most beautiful trout. No fishing allowed in this pond, these guys are there for visual enjoyment.
Three Duck Butts! :0)
I love my workplace.