Sunday, May 22, 2016

Woodland Moss Apache Tears

I have finished another Apache Tears Afghan
I am calling this one Woodland Moss.

I'd rather have a crown like hers then ones with diamounds:
All of these inspiring photos below I found on Pinterest.

I have them pinned on my  Muse-Woodland Color Board.

"A rolling stone gathers no moss" - Publius Syrus.  A Latin writer who flourished in the 1st century BC.:

This is a great example of how cold marsh gray becomes warm when combined with warm shades of brown and bright orange..:

color scheme:

Love the color combinations!! -- Free Knitting Pattern: Level 1 Knit Neutral Afghan -- Lion Brand Woolspun Colour Combination: Charcoal, Oxford grey, Taupe, Linen, Fisherman, Avocado, Honey, Mahogany, Rust, Cranberry, Coffee w/ Claret for the border ---
Nature herself came up with the perfect combination of colours. Such shades of brown and orange will look bright on a grass-green background colour, as bri.:

I am thinking of starting another with similar colors but using blues instead of the Carrot and Claret.

Cute Sheep!

Friday, May 20, 2016

Carnival Sugar Flowers

One of my Pinterest boards is titled "Muse- Carnival Sugar and it came in handy recently.

sugared tones:
Here are a few of the pics I used for inspiration when I started my newest afghan.

#paperflower #photobackdrop @weddingchicks:
So sweet.
pastel sky:
Fun sugary colors
For inspiration, art and design. Color match was made by nature. All color scheme are made by those, who love colors. You can use those pallets in wedding inspiration, wedding decor and in any design needs. More color pallets on
Candy confection kind of colors.
up, up and away:

Frilly Degas Ballerina pastels.
Edgar Degas and his ballerinas.:
Here is a link to the tutorial I used to make these pretty flower squares.

I have borrowed the clothes pin idea from one of my favorite blogs Attic 24. It should help the next time I run out of yarn and can't remember the name of the yarn color I need.
Sometimes assembly line is the best way to go.
First the flowers then the square borders.
Crochet them all together.
Then I went to town with the outer border and trim.
Here is a link to the pom pom trim pattern. It is new to me and I love it! So simple and fun to work up.

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Aqua Mustard Afghan

I finished another Apache Tears Afghan. Yes I am addicted to this pattern.
I am going to keep this one for myself. I think.

I used one of my Pinterest boards for color inspiration.

I call the board Muse- Aqua Mustard.
✯ Behind the realm:

I love the lush teals and greens
matador tones:

With that pop of Mustard and Coral.
Although I omitted the Coral for this project.
The Wonder Tree, Klamath, California:

Here she is  Aqua Mustard Apache Tears.

She is so warm and cozy, Kind of heavy with a great nubby texture.

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Rainbow Rug

Happy May Day! Here is a great big flower for you.
 There is a fantastic blog named Attic24 that inspires me endlessly. Everything is warm and cozy on the inside and lush and damp on the outside. The pattern I used to make this rainbow beauty came from a pillow Lucy made on Attic24.
This afghan/ rug took me a very long time to crochet but I loved making it so much I have now made 3 of them.

 I think I'll make another.