Thursday, September 17, 2009

Places with Character

I want to recommend to you a blog I have been following named Places with Character. I find it to be very thought provoking, sensitive and insightful. This blog is truely a place with character.
The blogging world is somewhat new to me and I am continually amazed at the amount of great writing there is out there in Blogland.
I think I will occasionally post about some of the best ones I've found.

P.S- Duta!- I am having a terrible time leaving comments on your blog. Please don't think I am not wanting to comment, I am... but when I click on post comment nothing happens. :O(


DUTA said...

Dear Jennifer,

I'm deeply moved by your noble gesture. Thank you for taking the time to recommend my blog to others. I feel greatly honored by your kind words.

As for trouble with leaving a comment - try this: if after pressing 'post a comment' you don't get the framework 'Leave your comment', look for it down, beneath the bottom line ,at the same level with START, Maybe it's there. It happened to me once and that's what I did.

Again, thanks a lot for your last post ( it made me blush).

Land of shimp said...

DUTA's blog is indeed wonderful. I'm also a fan :-) Wonderful stories that can take you around the world!

Really, that's quite a feat. You'll feel transported.