Thursday, September 29, 2011

Fireman's Picnic and Canoe Races

Hello all! Yet again I have let myself get busy living life and as a result my blog suffers from extreme neglect. I have quite a bit to tell you so I am going to have to make up for lost...or maybe gained...time and pump out some rapid fire posts. The holidays are well on their way and I have big crafty plans. Onward HO!

So...earlier this summer we attended the Fireman's Picnic and Canoe Races at Horseshoe Lake (one of our local lakes). Rugby was very happy to meet up with some great friends,human and canine.
The record snow we received last winter has melted and filled up our lakes...a bit too much! Check out that BBQ in the foreground.

The Mammoth Crest and our gorgeous clear blue sky always make a perfect backdrop.

The races proved to be quite comical as some folks had a hard time staying in their canoes...very tippy!

I loved the variety of colored canoes. You and colors.

Big puffy dark clouds rolled in.

Dogs played fetch.

Kids played in the water and sand.
Everyone ate BBQ and Beer. As we left I thought I would get a shot of of the things that make us Mammoth locals a little bit... wacky. Do you see that sign in the foreground in front of the Fireman's BBQ?

Here is a close up.

This area is a volcanic hazard but we picnic here...Crazy?