Saturday, September 5, 2009

Tie-Dyed Treats

Have you ever seen something so cute that you fear you may bite your own lips off?

I have... many times actually.Usually its a puppy or a baby that causes this and I am often squealing when it happens. Well... it happened again today when my husband untied his latest creations. Tie Dyed Onesies!

Oh, how I wish I had a sweet little babe with a plump little tummy to model them for you. You will just have to use your imagination. I will be selling them as well as his adult sized tee's here when I get my shop up and running. It will be soon I hope.

Careful don't bite your lips off!


ctajdessert said...

These are so cute. Amber has a Grateful Dead Onesie from way back when that I still have in her baby box. Also I still have the tie dye t-shirt that we bought Jesse on our vacation in Tahoe. Actually he still wears it, but its like a half shirt now. He loves it!!! I love Tie Dies. I want Kevin to make me one, or how about a skirt. I have a perfect white skirt I could send him!!! Please, please!!! :)

DUTA said...

Just charming!