Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Frosty Woodsy Room Stage 1

The guest room is getting a frosty woodsy makeover for the holidays
I started by covering the wall above the bookshelf with a deep blue fabric which was recently given to me. I have a couple fabric angels.
Next I added a suspension rod and hung a pretty lace curtain that was also just given to me... for free

The ribbon holding the curtain back was also a freebie and then a few big books to add some height.

                      Oh... just realized the books were either free or purchased from the thrift store.
I will need to change the bulbs in the lamp. I am not pleased with the yellow glow.

The centerpiece is a Manzanita branch spray painted white set into some spray foam insulation inside a cobalt ceramic pot. I sprayed glue on the foam and covered it with dry moss. I also covered the branch with spray glue and sprinkled glitter all over until it glistened.

A sparkly ribbon on the pot and a bit of fluff.

A few silver icicles which I did spend a few dollars on.

Some white lights.

More fluff and a few sparkly snowmen.

I added a Santa and some glittery blue snowflakes.

These two little snowmen are sitting in the centerpiece.
A snowball fight broke out!
I adore this Santa Claus... he has a metal vest and a bucket full of blueberries.

I think I am done
Yep...I love it.

                                                                 Now onto stage two...