Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Spring Growth

After a long but relatively dry, mild winter it is time to finish up the cozy warm crocheted Afghans and get back to work...outside. We are back to sweeping chimneys today, Rugby and I will be working away from home for part of the day so the indoor crafts will be set aside for weekends mainly.Yep...up off the sofa Ruggie Bear. As I look back at past posts I can see clearly that I create in cycles or Seasons. All winter my creations tend to be indoor comfy type crafts like "Hugo" the fab blanket pictured below. Have you seen the movie "Hugo" yet? The whole thing is done in these colors. Yes, I never know from where inspiration will come and sometimes it is a movie. I am a movie freak. Freak I say!

Once the snow melts however, I am itching to be out in the garden. Oh...my poor garden.

My humble little oasis is once again coming to life and I am full of new ideas.

The Chives are popping up, trusty and tasty they are.

The Crocus is usually the first to bust through the snow but this year everything is coming up all at once!

Daffy's are on their way.

The Lilacs are budding and my Hot Pink Geranium is blooming in the window.

The growing season has begun and if I am lucky I will get 4 good warm months, maybe 5, before the weather changes again and the pine needles start to fall. I am ahead of the game though, you see I started seeds inside on the First Day of Spring and they are sprouting like mad. I have a feeling this is going to be a hot summer so I am going heavy on the flowers this year as well as the veggies. I have Stock, Columbine, Nasturtium,Cosmos, Sweet Peas as well as Yellow Pear Tomatoes, Peppers, and Cilantro coming up in little peat pots indoors and this weekend I am starting Cabbage and Lettuce on Earth Day perhaps. You know how I love to celebrate holidays ;0}
Oh... and I also took shears to my head and chopped off 4 inches.

Ahhh... I love Spring.