Friday, April 21, 2017

Little Plaid Cap

Yesterday I made a little plaid ball cap for my American Girl doll and of course I had a blast.
  It came out so cute!
That led to a full outfit.
 I only had about a fat quarter of the green and cream flannel and even less of the Scottie dog lining fabric so the hat is lined in a solid cream flannel.
The shirt is made from the same cream flannel
The vest is reversible with green and cream plaid flannel on one side and a super cute Scottie Dog print on the other.
Slick grey flat front slacks.
To complete the look she is sporting these adorable brown faux leather shoes from American Girl.
She is ready for her Tee time!

Earth Day in Snow Country

In honor of Earth Day I am posting photos of my veggie garden. OK.
Above is the herb section, Basil and Parsley.
 Oregano, Basil, Parsley and Dill.
Here we have Corn and Green Beans all of which are growing in coffee cans in my sunniest window waiting for the snow to melt. Only about 5 feet to go!

Under the Dome #5

In honor of Easter we had this delicious beauty under the dome this week.
 Three layer chocolate cake with cream cheese buttercream and chocolate ganache.
My hubby said it tasted just like an Oreo cookie.
Such a yummy Easter treat.

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Blooms and Berets

My Begonia is blooming...
 Here it is again different light. I'm not sure which shot I like best.
Scarlet O'Hara Morning Glory is blooming as well!
I am having so much fun with my little model. I haven't found her perfect name yet.
Any ideas?
She is modeling one of the Berets I will have for sale in my shop soon. They are so cute I am hooked!
 One in Raspberry of course.
I am in love with this Buff Fleck Beret.
 What is this doll's name?! Hmm...

My side window

My side window is finally free of snow and the sun is blazing through making the Easter Cactus and Begonia very happy.
I currently have these gorgeous paintings on glass in full display. I received them for my birthday this year and they look so good in the sun.
I love all of them.
This last one is my favorite. I love the Lily pads.
I am thinking maybe my frog collection would be right at home with this painting in the background.
Maybe I'll will change my side window up a bit.
Bring in the frogs!

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Under The Dome #4

 Under the Dome this week we have vanilla cake with cherry cream cheese filling and buttercream frosting.
 Decorated by my talented hubby!
Super Springy Yum.

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

11th Birthday Project #2

A fashion show starring Mary and unknown model (I can't think of a name yet)

11th Birthday Project

I have been working on so many secret projects aka "gifts" that I haven't been able to share any photos that might spoil a surprise. The following is just one example, there are more to come. Today is my Niece's 11th birthday and I wanted to give her something special. She received an American Girl doll from Santa last Christmas and she named her Mary. I think she has had a few dolls named Mary. She needed some clothes to beef up her wardrobe so all month long I have been having the best time making tiny little clothes.
Here is a play by play of the gift opening, sort of.
I wanted to film her opening it but I decided to just watch and be in the moment. I won't get many more of these moments you know!
 I put a layer of tissue between each outfit so she appreciated them one at a time. It worked like a charm. The first layer was a pair of lounge pants and two flannel shirts.
She said" You made my doll, clothes?!"
 This outfit consists of a baby blue flannel shirt complete with embroidery and a twirly pink skirt and a crocheted raspberry beret. So cute.
 A lined corduroy suit complete with hat.
 A flannel suit.
Right about here she said" If there is an old fashioned dress I am going to scream!"
 This sundress is made from a fabric that I used to make her a dress when she was just a little thing.

 Right about here she started squealing. This dress comes with pantaloons but I didn't have enough of the blue to make a bonnet to match.
 So I made another one with a tiny polka dot print complete with bonnet. She loves it I think it's her favorite but this next one stunned her into silence for a moment. She looked like her head was going to explode!
 It is quite luxurious. I cropped it out of the photo by mistake but it has black trim at the bottom.
 Here is a photo if the final dress on my doll. See the trim at the hem line?
I had to get a doll of course. I needed a model right?! I had to make sure everything fit before I gave it to her. She is a birthday present to myself alright!
I am pretty sure my niece will be enjoying this gift for a long time and now I am hooked on making doll clothes so more will be coming her way.
Happy Birthday Miss!
I love you.

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Under The Dome #3

Under the dome #3 is a Irish Cream Bundt cake with a green swirl for St. Patrick's Day.
 I also soaked the cake in a Irish Cream reduction which added to the moistness.
Oh yeah. So yummy.
The green swirl magically became a lucky horseshoe!

My Pups

Our pups spend most of their day napping.
This is Buster and Rugby, although lately I've been calling them Bubble and Squeak.
 This is Squeak
 Bubble and Squeak, Fric and Frac, Flotsam and Jetsam, Abbott and Costello, Laurel and Hardy.
 This is Bubble or Bubs, it just goes on and on.
Squeak aka Lil' Skeezy loves crocheted afghans,
 "They complete you, don't they Dude"?
 His Snoopy impression. He is not impressed.
 Side eye.
" Alright, I'll let you be."
 However at people dinner time they look like this!
 Ha! Love them!