Thursday, September 3, 2009

Look both ways, deer!

Kevin and I were on our way to a chimney sweeping job when I saw a beautiful deer. I love deer, they are just so sweet and innocent, I will always think of Bambi when I see one. I am a Disney girl. I never get tired of seeing them, who would? Although I AM tired of seeing them on peoples walls as decoration...

I digress...

The many yellow deer crossing signs warned me in advance to have my camera out. When I spotted her I yelled out something like"Look a Deer"
and Kevin pulled over, that's my man.

Then something happened I had never witnessed before. This gorgeous creature looked both ways!

She looked left

and then right
and then she crossed the road, completely calm and methodical. She went so cautiously that I was able to capture the whole thing. Amazing.

That reminds me of a couple other deer moments we had while visiting Yosemite National Park last August, which is so close we should go much more often than we do.
Under a bush right next to a outdoor restaurant patio bustling with tourists lay this beautiful Buck. Impressive huh?
His antlers were covered in a mossy velvet. So Lovely. I could have watched him all afternoon.
Then in the parking lot we came across this little family. They are actually called Mule Deer, due to those lovely large ears.
Aren't they pretty? I was so close to them and I had this crazy desire to reach out and pet that furry head or slide my hand over that velvety antler, but then I saw myself in the news as one of those people who messes with the wildlife and ends up getting gored.

Oh Boy!...Never touch the wildlife. and remember...
Slow Down and always Look Both Ways!

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Land of shimp said...

It always astounds me how adaptable animals are. It makes sense, there has to be a heightened sense of awareness of an environment when that surrounding literally constitutes every part of survival.

Strangely enough deer have a rather brutal social structure. I remember being quite shocked by a study I read more than fifteen years ago. They are beautiful, and graceful. A true treat to behold.

Well done thinking ahead to the headlines about "Violent Deer Encounter". I live in Colorado and see those sort of headlines on a fairly regular basis.

Don't touch the wildlife, indeed.