Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Meet Lily House

I would like to introduce you all to my newest hobby...Lily House.
She was a fabulous birthday gift from my husband last year and then over the following few months he graciously put her together for me. The biggest obstacle on my end was deciding in advance what colors to paint all of the pieces, a nearly impossible feat. I did my best to guess what I may want in the future and now I am painting it all over again. Figures!

Ahh...don't 'cha just love her? I want to blow her up to life size and move in. The living room will remain this shocking green but I think the bedroom upstairs needs something more...soothing.
There have been a few visitors but no one has permanently moved in at this time. Prince Charming has no plans to clean up the huge mess the painters left behind. You know...being a prince and all, I don't think Lily is nearly pretentious enough for him.
Rosie approves of the paint color in the bathroom but she needs a more open floor plan.
Pongo loves the new table and chairs that came all the way from the UK, his homeland. Now I just need to find the perfect sofa...

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Festive July 4th

One of the best things about July 4th in our neighborhood is how the parade queues up just one street down from us.There is a festive community atmosphere and you may end up following a vehicle like this. The walk to the parade is always interesting and we see friends and family everywhere. Here is a quick tour of some of our Independence Day fun.There are a lot of patriotic dogs in Mammoth Lakes.

The parade always starts with America's finest

Rough Riders

Olympian Stacy Cook

Beer transportation

Beer Bear...


Our fabulous friends S and C with their fellow Girl Scouts...

another super fab friend "K the amazing juggling unicyclist"

climbing/biking fun for the kiddies...

Ruggie loves a parade.

Bikes of all kinds...

Our town trolley

Copter Tours

The Sharks, our swim team.


Oh...here comes the squirt guns!

Felici Trio Chamber Music...

Mobile Custom Ski Shop...sooo cool.

Pack Mules...

The Johnson family chose "Troy" as their inspiration this year.

I love the Trojan Horse...Amazing.

Brilliant. The face that launched a thousand ships?

Smokey Bear

Love the water trucks.


As always the parade was small town fantastic. As it finished up we meandered down to the art show and I bought a few new garden stakes after which we took Rugby over to Doggiepalooza at the pet store for some treats and water play. Then through the forest back home to some yummy BBQ. Then to top off the entire day perfectly we spent the evening with fabulous friends, food and bouncy house fun for a gaggle of kids. The view of the firework show from our friend's front deck is nothing short of spectacular and best of all we get to spend the night and save the drive home for the next morning. Independence Day is one of my favorite holidays and this year we even had some long time friends stay the weekend with us which made for even more adventure. I hope you all had a great holiday too!