Thursday, September 24, 2009

5 years old

Today I want to write a little post about my super talented blue eyed nephew, Jesse.
He is 5 years old today, a very important year indeed.
The brave boy started school this month and it only took him a couple days to get the hang of it. He is on his way to great things.

This picture below is my favorite, so sweet.

Jesse is a music lover and the ultimate fan of Spiderman.
I am so proud of you, Jesse!
I just know you'll have a wonderful time at Disneyland... after all it is the Happiest Place on Earth. I wish I could be there, it is my favorite place to be. Make sure you ride the Peter Pan ride for me... and if you're brave enough you gotta go on Pirates of the Carribean... Yo Ho, Yo Ho a Pirates life for me.

Happy Birthday Jesse!!!!


DUTA said...

Happy Birthday to Jessie !

You sure have reason to be proud of him; he looks so cute in the picures, and as I understand from your post he's talented and brave.

ctajdessert said...

Ahhh, so nice!!! I too love the top picture with the beanie. He looks like such the mountain boy!!! He talks about Mammoth so much. He loved the snow. We are hoping to come again this winter! Maybe for the xmas party if they have it there :)!!!!

Jennifer D said...

Duta- Thank you for the lovely comment. I still haven't been able to post a comment on your blog. I am not sure what is wrong.

Theresa- Thanks! We hope to see you all this Xmas time.

Land of shimp said...

Oh Jennifer, he's an adorable boy! Happy Birthday to Jesse...who shares a birthday with my son, by the way. My son turned 19 on the same day.

Jesse has a nice sense of mischief behind those eyes, doesn't he? He just looks like such a bright, curious boy :-)

Kelee said...

Hi Jennifer!

The Pet Party is now on--your post...can't wait to see it.....we have linked here for your post...
come see the video!

love, kelee & oliver

Yvonne said...

Hi - What a handsome boy - just wanted to remind you that he Pet Parade blog for Kelee Katillac starts Wednesday the 30th, and you can find alink for your blog at
Thanks for Participating!