Monday, September 14, 2009

Super Chargers

Look what I made yesterday!
This little dress and the pair of pants below are for my favorite little Charger fans. I wish I could just zap them right on over to them so they would have them for the big game today but I will just have to do it the old snail mail way :O)

I am going to sell these two sweet dresses just as soon as I figure out what to charge!

The photos didn't turn out very well due to an impending storm.
Fall is here I'm afraid.


Land of shimp said...

They're very sweet, Jennifer. Have you taken a look around at other shops to get a feel for how much these sort of things go for? Of course, cost, time and labor figure in.

I don't know any little people any longer, they've all gotten larger! I do know that when my son was little, I was a prime target for anything geared towards special occasions. Holidays, or outfits that were well suited to portraits.

That's what I thought of when I saw your little dresses, "Oh, wouldn't those look sweet in a family portrait?" They're very pretty, and cheerful looking :-)

Jennifer D said...

Thank again for your insight Shimp!

I will check out what others are charging on the internet. Our town is so small we have no real clothes shops... unless you want sporting goods! :O)

I really appreciate the special event idea. I was thinking of making some Xmas dresses?

Thanks for your comments, I do appreciate them ... very much.

Today I was sweeping a chimney in an "open floor plan" and I thought of you... actually my husband and I talked about it for several hours... it really is something to think about.

ctajdessert said...

Oh, so loving the Charger gear! OOOPs I had to look! I love the dresses too, I will buy them!!!