Friday, March 23, 2012

Mermaid's Medallions

Ahh...It feels so good to complete an afghan. I just love it and when it is a new pattern I am using I am even happier about it. It still amazes me how simple it is to turn a ball of yarn into a functional blanket or sweater using only a hook...and some skill.

I think I may try knitting again at some point but Crochet just feels right and good in my world.

I get super excited when I have a pile of squares growing higher and higher.

Then the moment I get to put it all together comes and Pow! I have a new afghan. Mermaid's Medallions is her name. She took me appox. 36 hours to make. I am trying to keep track so I can figure out a fair price. Not easy!!!This afghan has a lacy edging. I have never stitched up anything like it before and it was a blast. Looky...

Oh yeah, this one is a keeper.

Of course I already have another afghan on my hook and this one is named "Hugo". ;0)

Monday, March 12, 2012

An Easter Candy First...I think

I have had a hard time in recent years with the commercialization of Easter. When my brother and I were kids, we had Easter Sunday Outfits

Easter baskets filled with candy and toys, Easter Egg Hunts and of course we went to our new clothes.

I mean check out those faces and those sponge curlers. Easter Happiness.

As my son grew up we had fun with all of the usual Easter festivities but now it seems too cute and fuzzy.You know... with all the bunnies, chickies and lambs, although they are a super cute sign of Spring. As a result I don't really decorate for Easter. Which is weird for me because I decorate for every holiday...even Elvis Day.

Today I was at the Rite-Aide drugstore and found chocolate in the shape of a Cross! I don't think I have ever seen Easter candy that actually had something to do with the true meaning for Easter. Have you?

Maybe it is a sign of things to come? I hope so.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Sea Glass Done...

I did it! I have finally finished "Sea Glass and Snow". This beauty took me approx. 24 hours to complete. Is that a long time? I don't know. It will soon be on it's way to my fabulous cousin and his new wife.
I am in love with it, I hope they love it too.

Ah...Breathe...I'm finished...I am finished!
Ok on to the next.
While I was working on "Sea glass and Snow"( ;0) the names are cracking me dramatic) I noticed a new to me color scheme. I pulled out the colors plopped them in a basket and watched...

What did they want to become? An Afghan for sure, but something I have never done before. I have wanted to try a "Squircle" type afghan square so I began an online search for a simple/easy circle turns square pattern.

I tried a few different ones and they all frustrated me,too fussy. So I went to my own hodge-podge crafting library and low and behold I had the perfect squircle afghan pattern all along.It is called Elegant. I however have named it "Mermaid's Medallions".

It is from Afghans Traditional and Modern (1976)
I do not remember when or where I acquired this fantastic book but I am so glad I did. I can't wait to start that lacy border!

So I began by crocheting 63 circles using 5 colors. I doubled up on the 2 blues.

Ah...I love them all stacked up like Pringles.

Then I surrounded the medallions with white.

Well...I'm not done yet, I still have twenty or thirty to go.

It is going fast though, which is good because I already have another basket of yarn I am watching. I am waiting for it to tell me what it wants to be! ;0)

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Warm and Mostly Dry

Last week we went to find a little adventure with Rugby. The sun was shining, it was warm enough to wear only a T-shirt and the terrain was mostly dry. Today we have another foot of snow. The storm that blew through last night was a good one, a gusty one. Last week though... Rugby needed a bit of fresh snow to eat. That's how warm it was.

We came across this small pool of snow melt in a rock. warm under our blue sky.

We even left footprints in the sand.

I hope you find some sun today.