Sunday, December 4, 2016

Holiday Party at Lily House

 A Holiday Party at Lily house. 
Pumpkin Pie is ready.
William needs a cold beer.
Willow spinning some Christmas vinyl. 
A Christmas feast.
Gatsby is hopeful for leftovers.
Good Times at Lily House.

Saturday, December 3, 2016

Baby it's cold outside

So I made a Christmas sign. Excuse me Buster. Tryin' to take a photo here.
 I copied the idea from a pin on Pinterest and I am so pleased with the way it turned out.
The one problem is that it has created the most persistent earworm ever!
I cannot get that song out of my head.

Friday, December 2, 2016

Christmas Vignette 2

A few jars, a few Christmas miniatures and some sugar and Voila! Christmas vignette #2

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Christmas Vignette 1

Every year right after Halloween I start decorating for Christmas. The tree won't go up for a little while yet but I have most of my other d├ęcor out already. More than likely things will change some they usually do. I have so much fun creating little vignettes. This one is my current fav.
 Does it look like a Christmas tree lot? That is what I was going for. I think I need more trees.
Here it is in the evening.

The Christmas Tree selling moose is an incense burner but I don't have any cones right now.
Have a super cozy evening

Oh Deer!

  Pinterest has inspired me again. No surprise there.
I am not one to put a dead animal's head on my wall, but a little faux bust I can go for.
This knit one is so cool.
I love the things that people do with knitting! ... mmm'n kay... nope still not feelin' the love.:
I think I may make this pillow at another time.
Oh Deer... No Sew Christmas Pillow. Home Sweet Ruby.:
Love this idea.
but I didn't want to spend any money so I printed up this Deer bust
and pinned it to some red and black Buffalo plaid flannel
and cut out his glorious shape.
deer silhouette design:
A little spray glue and a piece of wood I had been saving for something special
and I have this cutie to show for it!

Sunbonnet Sue Christmas

I have been working on this hand embroidered quilt for so long I can't remember when I started. It all began with these sweet Sunbonnet Sue Christmas Iron on patterns many, many moons ago. I took my time embroidering these as I tend to get sloppy if I work on the same project for very long. I need to change it up to keep it fun.

 Once I had finished the embroidered blocks it was time to delve into the fabric stashes and I just happened to have everything I needed. Stash Buster!
 This block above is my favorite. I just love it so much.
That is why I placed it in the middle of the quilt.
 Did you notice that dirt ring around the wreath? I had that one in my hoop for so long it got scuzzy.
 This incredible 12 Days of Christmas fabric has been hanging around waiting for just the right project.

 Swoon. I love this one below. The bonnet, the nightgown, the candle. Love it!


 Here is the back. A soft flannel. So cozy.

I think I will add a bit more quilting on the tan sashing and I need to find the perfect binding fabric. Then I can wash it up and hang it on a wall.
Hope you have a Happy December 1st.