Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Freeze

Our temperatures dropped below freezing again. Ugh! Annoying to be sure but still expected. We were getting off way too easy with all of the great Spring weather we have had. So to combat some of the frost I put jars, glasses and bowls over my tender plants and I am happy to say every plant has survived. My newest little garden house has a thatched roof and it looks even sweeter with a little frosting.

The Lilacs have gone from from a fresh new green...

to a show of white and a gorgeous fragrance.

Those trusty chives have grown quite a bit and are now blooming.They look a little sad here due to the freeze.

My tiny garden on May first...

My tiny garden 25 days later! Growin' right along. My fabulous hubby is making a new fence and gate so Rugby can play in the garden with me.

Speaking of my Hubby...he took a couple great photos while out fishing/freezing at one of our local lakes early Saturday morning.


Well today is Memorial Day and it is already turning out to be a wonderful day. I hope you all have a good one.

Thank you service men and women, present and past, for devoting your lives to secure our freedoms. We honor you this day and everyday and we keep you in our prayers.