Sunday, November 4, 2012

Harvest Season

We have been enjoying a wonderful, warm Indian Summer and we have filled it with autumn leaves, football, pumpkin seeds,

wood chopping, wood stacking, lots of stacking,
pruning, fishing, harvesting, baking and canning.
We are so grateful to have our health and happiness,
to be living a life we love and
our prayers are with those in need near and far.
May you all enjoy a bountiful harvest.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Lily House #3

Lily House has a new permanent tenant and her name is Willow.

 She had a chat with Gatsby and then began unpacking her things immediately.

Gatsby is very happy to learn Willow is an avid reader and she even has a copy of his namesake.

He watched a movie on Willow's T.V. while she moved her stuff into the house.

Willow's books now sit on the shelves in the bathroom.

She doesn't like the arrangement of the bathroom but it will do for now.

"The kitchen, however, is just lovely" she says. "The only thing missing is a refrigerator and food."

There is a new set of battery powered lights in the kitchen.

Willow took her first bath in the house while watching Brando.

When she climbed into bed Gatsby hopped right in beside her so pleased to have a new friend. ;0)