Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Pet Parade

We did it!
We were able to raise $2000 for abandoned pets at The Northland Pet Pantry150 "Play Strong" scarves were decorated in many clever ways and our sweet pets modeled them so well. Kelee Katillac and her handsome pup Oliver are an inspiration. Here is a photo of the scarf Cosmo and I made.

But we are not done! Head on over to the Katillac Shack and watch the Pet Parade Video ... its fantastic. Leave a comment on Kelee's post and another dollar will be donated. This project has been so much fun, thanks to all of you who helped.


Deb said...

Cosmos is gorgeous & I love your decorated scarf ♥

Yvonne said...

Love the pictures! AND I love the blog - thanks for being in the Pet Parade! Jenn

DUTA said...

I gather it was a colourful, funny pet parade. The scarf made by you is just lovely. Nice sum $2000.

Kelee said...

Hi Cosmo and Mom!

Thank-you Cosmo for showing off on the blog this summer and inspiring people to make their scarves!

We so appreciate you ad your efforts!

Heroes-both of you!

love, kelee and oliver

Kelee said...

Hi Jen!

Yes-- lets go for it!!!!! love, kelee

Land of shimp said...

That's absolutely wonderful, and congratulations! Isn't it wonderful when efforts make a difference?

Hurray for the pet parade, and congratulations on a job well done!