Monday, January 23, 2017


For Tanner ( My Son) This is for real!
This shot is out the front door from the living room.

The street side window

Your old bedroom window
 Off the front deck. We have lost our stairs.
 The back patio
 The back deck.

Friday, January 20, 2017

Lunch at Lily House

Willow just whipped up a fabulous new pillow for the sofa.
She whipped up a yummy looking lunch as well! 

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Warm rug

Just a dog in the sun on a rainbow rug
May you be warm and cozy today!

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Crazy Hexies part 1

I have been wanting to make a crazy quilt for forever and the only thing holding me back was a surplus of broadcloth and an incredible lack of velvets and satins. This Christmas I was gifted a box full of velours and velvets in burgundy, royal blue, forest green, teal and best of all black.
So I went to my go to site Pinterest and found several great patterns. In the end I settled on this one.
I need a nice mess going on to help the creative juices flow.

I forgot to take a photo but I have drawn a hexagon on the white piece of sheeting.

The first two before binding.
I have been trying my hand at free motion quilting and I have found it is not for the easily frustrated. The example above is my first half way decent attempt. Yipeee!
 A little more free motion. Only two in the end because I am already irked.
 Then I used nearly every decorative stitch my machine has in her.
I love the little ladies in the piece of pink trim below. Aren't they cute? velvet and little typist.
The floral print below have been in my life forever.
 Tulips and little dogs in these stitches.
 Funny candy corduroy and blue velour.
corduroy from the 80's, vintage lace and ric rac.
So I ended up making ten crazy hexies before I ran out of black fabric. Here they all are. Drum roll please... 
 Now they need major embellishing. Hand embroidery and beads are in order now.
Then I must make more!

Snowy Start 2017

My front door wreath after the storm.
My driveway.
View from my back door.
My incredible hardworking Man.

Buster loves the snow. He loves to eat the snow and then get snug under an afghan.
Bring it on Winter 2016/2017!

Monday, January 16, 2017

Buggy Mushroom Quilt

Half way through the first month of 2017 and I am just now writing my first post of the new year. Not at all surprising though, not for me.
I have been embroidering, crocheting and quilting like a fiend and have knocked back my Un Finished Object (UFO) pile quite a bit.
One such UFO is this groovy little beauty.
Please excuse my goofy wire and hook system there, still a work in progress.
I happened to have all of these gorgeously wild fabrics in my stash therefor making this project another stash buster. Yay! The mod pink and orange fabric is vintage and I love it.
The backing is a piece I have had for many years but I could never bring myself to cut it. It was just too awesome. Now I know why, I hadn't found the right project for it yet! It is called "Lava Lamp".
It just belongs with this fun Buggy Mushroom scene.
I embroidered this so long ago I can't remember when. I thought I would make it into a pillow but the last thing I need is another throw pillow. I have a throw pillow problem. It's pretty serious.
So a wall hanging quilt it became.
The whole reason I had to embroider this block is this cute little ladybug and this snail.
. I needed to deck them out with the, oh so tedious but worth it, Satin stitch.
Not a bad project to work on during the incredible snow storms we've been having, it is so cheery and bright and Groovy!