Friday, September 11, 2009

Teeny Tie Dye Tanks

Here are a few little girls tanks Kevin and I dyed, aren't they sweet?
I really need to get a child sized mannequin, don't you think?


Land of shimp said...

You really do very nice work, Jennifer. Those are absolutely charming. Do you plan any adult sizes? I know you mentioned setting up an online shop at some point, is it going to be primarily things for children?

By the way, in the unsolicited advice category, I like your method of display! I realize it might not work as the seasons change, but maybe against a neutral fabric? I think it actually really suits that vibe of difference, and individuality. It makes your pieces standout on their very own merits, and they've got the merits to standalone.

I guess all I'm saying is that a mannequin would add that feeling of mass production, which your stuff doesn't have (and that's a good thing).

But I could be wrong! I never did study much marketing :-)

Jennifer D said...

Thanks for your praise and tips. I must mention that it is really my husband that is the tie dye master, I just dabble a little. We do have adult sizes, I will post about them soon.
I will also keep in mind your views about the mannequin, I kinda like the grass too :O)
I actually have the ETSY shop set up I just haven't listed anything yet. I am still learning about the fine details such as the best shipping method. Thanks again