Saturday, June 26, 2010

The Roar of Snow Melt

Today we went up to our Lakes Basin to check out the waterfall. This is a shot from above the falls down onto Twin Lakes. Our little town is just below the lakes, less than ten minute drive.
We are getting some amazing cloud formations.Pooh Bear would be busy if he were here today. Big puffy white clouds that go on and on. This is a close up shot of the clouds above the hill that is in the background of the next shot.
Our Valley is pretty green today. ;-)
The sound of the waterfall is amazing... a roar. I bet the campers are loving it. The sounds of a rushing waterfall while you drift of to sleep. SMACK! sorry, mosquito woke me up! ;0)
To the right of this sweet little cabin there is still snow

Here is a shot of the snow and the waterfall side by side.
Strange don't you think?

I have a thing for colorful boats... they are so charming.
The mosquitoes buzzing up my nose are NOT!
The sky is a brilliant clear blue.
I think that little cloud looks like a baby bird... on a turtle's back... being chased by a pig.
Watch out for horses and tourists!
This lake looks more and more like a lake on the moon, if they had lakes on the moon, due to a little CO2 problem from the volcano. The trees here at Horseshoe Lake are dying.
It didn't look like this when I was a kid.
We still have quite a lot of snow in our mountains and you know...
they are still skiing at the resort!

I am sending you all a cool mountain breeze. :-)

Blue Skies and Lilacs

About twelve years ago a dear friend and master gardener, Charlotte, gave me several cuttings from her Lilac bushes. I just stuck them in the ground and waited... I waited for ten years to see a blossom on this bush and that year it only had one flower. This year it is a different story all together!
A dozen years of watering and waiting? totally worth it. My white Lilacs are covered in blooms and they are putting on quite a show against the Sierra sky.
I wish you could smell soft and powdery.
I am off to get a few photos of waterfalls, we have some serious snow melt happening. :-)


The fern is unfurling... and my new creation ( the cheery little sign)is quickly being engulfed by lush raspberry leaves...
I am spending so much time in the garden... I am getting way behind on my blog reading and writing...but even now I am thinking of how the sunlight is hitting the tomatoes. So I will leave you with a little...

Birdhouse red...
Lilac White...
and Hyacinth Blue.
Good Day to you! ;0)

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Harvest Time!

I have picked the first tomatoes of the year. Last night my hubby and I ate them by one plain with nothing on them...

they just may have been the best tomatoes I have ever had!

I am hoping I can put the plants in the ground on Monday. Our temps are going to drop down to freezing again tonight and tomorrow so I had to postpone the planting. They are doing so well in my indoor garden I am almost temped to leave them in. ;-)