Wednesday, August 22, 2012

My Tiny Oasis

Hello everybody!
I have been having a great summer filled with fun, flowers and almost no blogging. It is time to catch up.
The Geraniums are having a bloomtastic year

and I am happy to say the birds have planted sunflowers Everywhere. They have great taste and always plant sunflowers in the perfect spot, which is pretty much anywhere. The Tomatoes are taking off!

The sweet peas and stock sweetly scent to whole area.
Red Columbine and Stock are in bloom.

A basket full of violas, can't go wrong there.

The dragon is in the mint.

Awww...just look at her.

Ruggie loves our garden as much as I do. I dig holes for new plants and she digs holes to curl up in and nap. She loves a freshly dug hole, all cool and...earthy.

Here is a bit of a flashback through the spring and summer.
Just to show how far we have come.

April 16th- sad little frozen garden with a depressing old fence. May 26th - Signs of life, solar lights and a new fence improve the view a little bit.

July 10th- Hubby finished the fence and gate and Rugby was released into the wild. ;0)

August 21st - One of my favorite things about Rugby is that she only barks when someone knocks at the door, never at passersby or other animals. She is the best.

The good girl in her garden.

We had a fabulous lightning storm last night and it rained heavy for awhile so today is all fresh and clean. The pine needles are falling, the kids are all back to school and Autumn feels near. My guys are out in the woods being lumberjacks and I am this years wood stacker so I better get busy. Free exercise and it keeps me warm all winter...good deal I say.