Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Maisie and Wonderland

Have any of you seen "Alice in Wonderland" yet? The new Tim Burton one I mean.

I had the privilege of seeing it this afternoon and I loved it. Johnny Depp was fantastic, of course. The make-up artist should be nominated for an Oscar...Oh! and the Costume Designer. The sets were amazing and I don't even know how they did the live action/animation thing. The young woman who played Alice was believable and very much looked the part.

I highly recommend it.

I have a funky bright new doll to add to my shop. I have named her...

Her body is made of a lilac hued cotton speckled with fish and her festive striped stockings/legs peek out from under her Dark green dotted skirt which has a waistband of grape and the hem is trimmed in rainbow ric rac.

Maisie has some wild pink and orange dreadlocks. Which I totally envy.

She will soon have company, I have finished a couple more rag dolls but I haven't found the perfect hair for them yet. Kevin is calling them both Sinaed. I am thinking...Telly ;-)

Baby Granny Afghans

Today I have put up for sale in my shop a couple of crochet blankets. They started out as random Granny Squares and ended up as sweet little stroller afghans. I made them out of acrylic yarn and they washed up so soft.
This one isn't as wonky as the photo implies...I don't know what happened there.
This Rainbow Bright Afghan is the one I would pick. I feel happy just looking at it.
I can't wait 'til the snow is melted and I can use my lawn to take photos.
I never found a better backdrop than this plastic grass. At least the sun is high and warm so I can take pics on the deck in the natural light.
I hope you have a sunny day;-)

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

I'll be wearin' Green

Happy St.Patrick's Day!

Things are changing around here. Spring is most surely on its way. The day is twelve hours long now and it hasn't snowed in several days. The highs have been in the low 50's and the lows... about 28. Pretty soon we will get to have a night that doesn't freeze and then we are on our way to my favorite time of year...Summer. AHHH, I can just imagine how warm I'll be working out in my garden. I can't wait. The tomato plants we have started all have tiny little flower buds on them which will soon be flowers that turn into tomatoes. Yummy

Today I am celebrating St. Patrick's Day with our usual menu, Corned Beef ( already in the slow cooker) with cabbage, Pea Champ and Soda Bread and just like every year we will watch "Far and Away".

I love this movie so much, although Tom Cruise is not as charming to me as he once was. I don't know what happened to me and Tom, I lost my love somewhere along the way. Nicole Kidman ,however, I could watch her all day. I need a new St. Pat's Day movie, do you have any suggestions? I was thinking "P.S. I Love You" would be a good one but I always cry hysterically when I watch that flick. Every other "Irish" movie I can think of is too violent or depressing to watch every year. For today I am sticking to "Far and Away".

There are many projects underway here at Pasquali Rumpus and I don't want to post about them 'til I am finished. I have a new Rag Doll completed and once I get her washed she will be available in my shop.

OH! Guess what... Josie sold!

She was the first Doll to go up for sale in my shop and now she is on her way to a new home in Michigan.

Well... I guess that is it for now. I better go get my green on, don't wanna get pinched. ;-)

I guess I should explain why I put that photo above...
The woman on the left is my Great Grandmother Nellie Murphy...she is one of my connections to Ireland.

Have a very Lucky Day!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Facebook or Flickr?

I was wondering today why it is that I enjoy playing with so much more than Several friends and family kept pestering me to get on Facebook so I tried it out...I am not impressed. I didn't think I would be and I was right. It is useful in the sense that I can keep in constant touch with some people who I otherwise wouldn't hear from but I don't enjoy spending time reading about the mundane things folk do, such as feeding their cat, going to the gym or doing their laundry. Nope, it just isn't interesting to me. Flickr however is a whole different thing. I am having so much fun posting photos and looking at other peoples photos. There are some amazing photographers out there.

There is a group on Flickr called "The Secret Life of Toys", I looked through it a few days ago and found myself giggling like a school girl so I took a few shots myself. Here is one of them...he he

I need help with creative captions. Can you help me?

Yeah...I am not interested in the boring things people do but playing with toys is fun!