Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Do you see what I see?

Two of the photos I took last night turned out terrible, actually I took a dozen terrible ones. I should say two of the terrible photos I shot last night came out kind of... interesting,weird... maybe even magical.
You tell me.
In this first one my husband is ahead of me walking Rugby. They are only a couple of yards away but seem further. The flash lit up the falling snow and created an intriguing "Bokeh" shot. The orange spot is from a neighbors Christmas lights. Now this one is really strange. I knew when I snapped the photo that something weird happened but it wasn't until I put it up on the monitor that I saw two things. Deep Space and Angel Wings. What do you see?

Who has the most snow?

We do!
Last nights walk was a tricky one. Our snowplow hasn't shown up in three days so our driveway has at least three feet of hard packed wet snow covered with a few more feet of powder. Rugby demonstrates below...

I pulled this from Mammothmountain.com...

"Mammoth has been named by skiinfo.com for having the most snow for any ski resort in the world! We have also broken the most snowfall in December record that has ever been recorded in 40 years. Since Friday, the storm total is 10.5 feet to 15 1/2 feet of snow! The snow is absolutely unbelievable and it will surely be a white Christmas!"
We have another wave coming in tonight! This has been an amazing start to Winter. Stay warm :0)

Monday, December 20, 2010

Hey Bing...

I don't have to dream it...it's going to be a Very White Christmas!

Friday, December 17, 2010

Morning Walk

Oh Man! What is going on here? This place is crazy!
Alright... let's go.
It's gettin' deep around here... belly high!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Bonny New Collar

Little Rugby has a Bonny New Collar and a shiny new name tag.
Rugs is very excited about it, she is just hiding it. I can't get enough of her, she is just so sweet. The only sound she has made so far is a little moaning piggy noise during belly rubs. She hasn't barked once! I wonder if she will?
I Love Love Love the spots on her ears. They make me think of constellations.
I love her shape.

and oh my...
The End ;0)

P.S. We thought about calling her Badonkadonk!

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Grannys and Rain

Yesterday morning Rugby was excited to go out until we were actually out, then she changed her mind...girls do that. The sky was beautiful but rain/ sleet was falling and that doesn't go well with walking on ice.
Rugby said "This is Nuts!!!" When we were home safe and warm again I decided it was time to try my hand a photographing a hand crocheted scarf. I finished it a while back but I wasn't sure how to stage it. I started with the piano...
Too dark, So I took it outside. Hmmm... maybe the woodpile?
Eh...maybe... the sun was peeking in and out making it difficult. I think I need to reschedule this shoot. ;0)
I listed the scarf for sale in my shop anyway.
Rugby just keeps on thinking about the wacky weather.
It is different every time we go out... very curious.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Walking Rugby

We continue to enjoy our Little Rugby and she continues to hate the camera. This is the photo that I found of her on Petfinder.com, the one that sold her. We were so happy to find she is smaller than she looked in the photo. The lady holding her is very tiny and since we have been feeding her Primo food she has lost that bloaty belly. The day we picked her up she had just had a Hot Dog. ;0) She looks best in her plaid scarf I have decided, but she won't show it off.
I love her muscular tushy.
She is starting to enjoy our morning walks in the snow but still balks at going out at night. She doesn't like the cold and dark evenings we have. Yesterday morning we had new snow and the neighbors had their blowers out. Rugby watched...
in the shade...brrr. She blends in doesn't she?
in the sun... ahhh...she's never seen this before.
Umm... Rugby...can we go in now? I am Freeezzzing.
Hope you all stay warm out there. ;0)

Friday, December 3, 2010

Olympic Squares Afghan

My Olympic Squares Afghan is finished. I made the granny squares while watching the winter Olympics in Vancouver and then like usual I became bored with it and put it away... for a long time. Don't you love the colors? Cherry Red, Turquoise, Lime Green, Chocolate Brown and White. The dark chocolate yarn anchors the wild brights perfectly I think.
When I started making the Squares I concentrated on making sure there were no two alike but I didn't have a plan. When I laid them all out there were 5 spaces left and I wasn't sure what to do. You see, I had used up all the combinations I could think of. Then I realized that was the answer... there are no more possible combos so just make solid squares! Bingo.After weaving them all together I single crocheted a row of each color to make the border. There is something about this blanket that makes me think of a summer veggie garden... or maybe a tomato salad.
Olympic Squares is now up for sale in my shop and I have started a new Granny Square Afghan. This one I started while watching football on Thanksgiving and it is coming along very quickly. Sometimes sitting in front of the T.V. can be very productive. ;0)