Monday, January 30, 2012

How to Tie Dye pt.2

Now our Tie Dye has spent the night all wrapped up in it's cocoon and it is time for the reveal.
Put on your vinyl gloves and take the plastic off the shirt.It is important to rinse the shirt out very well in warm water...

Dunk...take the rubber bands off...

Oh Boy! Look at that. Mardi Gras greatness.

After you have rinsed and rinsed most of the dye out you can put it in the normal wash.

I hang the shirts up to dry after rinsing

(do not let them touch each other).

Once they are dry I throw them all in the wash together.
Here is the shirt I made for this tutorial...fab huh?!It is now available for purchase in the shop.

Laissez les bon temps rouler!

Have a terrific day!

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Beth said...

Love your Tie Dye tutorial Jennifer!
I used to dye a lot of my own fabric and was the "Tie Dye Lady" at the elementary school when my kids were young. They'd have After School Enrichment in February every year and I'd come in and teach kids to Tie Dye pillow cases. Haven't done it in years but someday I will get back to it. Of course I still have a bin of PFD fabric stashed away along with all the chemicals and goodies.