Thursday, January 26, 2012

Progress,Spools, and Pirates

Yesterday I finished a goofy little project that has no real purpose but I had a need and I went with it. My thread consumption has skyrocketed since I started quilting and as a result I have a rather large empty spool collection. I wasn't sure how I would utilize them initially but one day as I was trying to corral my precious yarn balls, I thought "yarn and spools...hmmm..." Here is the result. I glued a bit of every color yarn I had onto the thread spools and then strung them on a length of black ribbon.
What it is I do not know. An upcycled spool yarn garland?
Now where should it hang? Maybe I need a crafty tree?

In the meantime the "Sea Glass and Snow" afghan is coming along quickly. Well it was... until carpal issues started flaring.I have had to set it aside for a few days. is a sneak peak of something special my super duper hubby made for me...

It is all finished except for the decorating which I am going to take my sweet time doing.

The pesky pirates have taken up residence already! He should sweep up while he is in there. ;0)

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