Monday, January 2, 2012

A bit of Christmas

Although I didn't blog about anything Christmasy this year, I did make a few new things for the Holidays. One exciting new project was a custom order for Tie Dyed Dresses. They came out so cute, I am going to start carrying them in the shop very soon.
I made a few new pillow covers for the living room...
Don't you just love that fabric? I do.Lovey Dovey Peace and Joy... I may keep this one out all year.
To add some texture I whipped up a crocheted pillow cover made of sweet little Granny's on the front and...
stripes on the back. Yes, that is Rugby's freckled booty.

This beauty was a "hand me down" unfinished project from my Aunt.

At some point she painstakingly wove a whole lot of ribbons into a fabulous top so I just slapped a plain white back on it and Voila!

Gorgeous, no?

and there is more!
"til then XOXO


Cassie said...

What festive pillows! The ribbon one is so unique, and I like how you did squares and stripes together. :)

DUTA said...

Your projects are always a delight to the eyes.
My favorites in your present post are the little dress in the top picture, and the pillow with the word 'Peace' on it.

May the New Year bring us Peace and Happiness!

ctajdessert said...

I love the dress! I think you should to leggings like the fabric pantyhose kind! They would be so cute