Saturday, January 7, 2012

The Weirdest Winter?

This may turn out to be the weirdest winter I have experienced in my 32 years here. It hasn't snowed or rained in many weeks and I can see every bit of my garden. Weird. The temps have been so warm and the sun blazing through my windows makes me feel the need to work in the soil.Weird. I mean it is January 7th (the ground is frozen) and there isn't feet upon feet of snow outside. Weird.
Rugby thinks the water looks weird and she wonders where the snow is.

The lakes freeze every winter but usually they are covered with too much snow to shovel off and skate. This year no problem.

Last year we received 55 feet of snow over the whole winter and so far this year almost none. Feast or Famine...that is what I keep hearing, but to be honest I don't remember feasting all that much last year!

This town can't survive without snow, you see...we are snow farmers.

Our ski resort is the biggest employer in this entire county and although they can make snow up there we are all going start feeling the pinch if it doesn't snow soon.

So...Pray for Snow!

Today is another gorgeously sunny day and I am going to watch the NFL wild card playoff games today while I work on a few projects.

Have a fabulous day!

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Jennifer's Junky Life said...

It's such a bizarre winter everywhere. I love winter because of all the pretty snow - but I'm trying to enjoy the warmer temps we've had. It finally got cold here today - maybe soon we'll all get a little snow to go with it!

That last photo with everyone out on the ice is so pretty.

~ Jennifer