Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Photo Hunt May

Hello everyone!
May's Photo Scavenger Hunt proved to be very difficult for me but I did get a photo for every item on the list, Quite a few uglies in this batch I am afraid.

A Bicycle- Trail sign A Butterfly

A Cartoon Character- Penelope and Pepe Le Peu

A Portrait in Black and White- My Maternal Grandma and Grandpa

A Red Door

A sign of the Zodiac- This was a hard one...I should have taken a photo of my brother in law's Tattoo, it would have been perfect. Oh well! Glass Fishes it is.

A Streetlamp- A very Ugly Streetlamp!

An Emergency Vehicle- Blah...

An interesting local building- not really all that interesting and taken from a moving car. ;0)

Something Blue- Stormy Blue Sky

Texture- My Dog's Fur. So soft

Think Vintage!- Mid Century Pink Poodle

This was a very hard month for me and to be honest I took a few of them just today...I thought I had a day left. Oops!

Here is the list for June-

Something with your towns name on it

An Elephant

A Wheel Trim- not sure what that is. Hubcap?

Architectural Detail



Tree Branches


A Childhood Memory

A Farm Animal

Something Beginning with Z

The View Right Outside Your Door

Whew...this is gonna be a fun month. I have a ton of ideas all ready!

Hope your weather is better than mine,we have snow predicted again! Ugh!

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joe tulips said...

What is this photo hunt you do??