Saturday, June 4, 2011

Lunchtime Discovery

We spent our lunchtime exploring in the Sherwin Creek area a few days ago and it turned out to be very interesting and a little creepy.
Rugby started off by watchin' out for critters...squirrels mainly.

She quickly turned her charms onto me and my lunch.Ahhh...the creek is nice. I love the sound, I love the smell, I love the cool air coming off the snow melt. "I am still sittin' pretty over here, a bit of that sandwich please."

"Daddy has crossed a bridge lets follow, Rugs."

Hey! I can do this all day if I have to!

Oh looky old cabin. I wonder if this little stove was used to heat water and cook food?

Deer Rest Lodge or Hanta Virus Haven? Someone put a lot of effort into this front door.

There is a cute little built in fireplace in the left corner.

To the right...

A tell tale signs of teen Solo cups litter the floor and there is some sort of foam stuffing in the "kitchen" area.
This place has potential during the day... but I bet it is super creepy at night. Let's go.

I wonder what lives in there? A woodpecker maybe?

a little flora...when these babies start blooming I start sneezing!

Today we are heading out on yet another little adventure so come visit soon. J

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DUTA said...

Pity I wasn't able to enlarge the photos.
The dog is very cute and so is the front door of the old cabin.