Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Just a few shots

This morning I was reminded that I have a blog and I need to post occasionally or my faithful readers will revolt! He he ;0)

So I am posting a few shots of happenings around here but I will be back with more soon. I have been sweeping chimneys like crazy and on those "sweepy" days I am beat, exhausted and have no desire to type or even think. On top of it my son has recently graduated High School and seems determined to drive me nuts! Why did I think things would be easier when he was out of school?! Even with all of this, and more I don't even want to bring up,I have been super crafty and I need to show you all what I have been doing. Until then check this out...

I posted about this table last November after we had a big snow storm and the snow piled up perfectly like a frosted cake. Well I didn't have room to store the poor old thing indoors so I just left it there where it stood all winter and figured it would be broken in the spring. I wasn't too attached to it anymore, although it was an amazingly well built table. Over the years I had painted it, decoupaged it and eventually it became a craft table and then it was put outside in the garden for our outdoor dinners and I used it a lot when I painted.

As the far above average amount of snow melted in the garden I would think about the table, "I wonder if the legs broke off" or "maybe it broke right in half down the middle?" I waited as the snow melted and watched. As the garden began to appear more and more I wondered "what happened to the table? I should be able to see it now!" I figured it must be broken flat on the ground. The middle and the legs must have broken in half. I did not in any way expect what really happened...

It sunk into the ground. About two feet of the table legs were perfectly pushed deep in the earth and the table was completely intact, the paint job ruined of course, but not broken at all. I had a mind to make big pillows to sit on and just go with it...go without chairs I mean but Hubby helped me pull it out.Whew... it was tight in there and a leg did break from the table and Hubs had to wiggle it out of the ground but it pushed right back into the table.No Problem! They sure don't make things like they used to, this table just won't die!

We went up to look at the local waterfall and here is a shot looking out over the town sitting amidst all those pines, looking toward Crowley Lake. It was a bit hazy that day...wildfires somewhere south.

Twin Lakes still had a bit of snow on it...

and finally here is the waterfall. I shot a sweet little movie of this moment with my handy camera but I can't seem to get it uploaded onto Blogger.

Sooo peaceful. Only birds twittering and the roar of the waterfall in the background. The campgrounds weren't open yet due to the Insane amount of snow we still have so there weren't many tourists either.
Our weather forecast for last night and today called for rain and snow...on June 28th! That is how crazy this winter/spring has been. I have lived here for 32 years and last winter was my biggest winter yet. I wonder what is coming next? It has been raining all night and this morning, and the mountains have are again covered in fresh snow so we are gonna go out and see some of the rivers swell. Can't sweep chimneys in the rain...rain, roofs and soot don't mix.

Have a great Day, J

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