Saturday, May 21, 2011

Needs a Name

I have found a new passion or a new craft to be passionate about, Hand Dyeing fabric! I suppose it is natural since we have now dyed about 800 tie dyes that I start dying fabric but it started when I bought white fabric to make Tie Dyed Napkins. I have been working on the napkins but I needed a way to use up the extra dye we made, I hate throwing it out and it only stays potent for a few days. So one night I grabbed some white fabric and dyed it up! Voila!

So then I had this oh so fabulous fabric and I NEEDED to use it right away but what do I want to make?

The vibrant colors kept making me think of things, like this one made me think of the Night Sky...

This one brought Lush, damp Moss to mind...
Oh this one made my mouth water... and this one made my mouth pucker. Then I knew what I needed to make... a Wordy Quilt. A quilt for me with the words in the bright hand dyes and the background entirely white and the words will be what color they are... but not like blue or green but like plum or seafoam. I couldn't figure out what that would be called so I Googled it and found "descriptive color words; words that are secondarily used to describe color but primarily used to refer to an object or phenomenon. There... that's what I mean ;0)

yummy Tangerine.

Midnight and Moss

As I went along I realized there are a lot of "food color words" so maybe I will need to make two quilts one "food colors" and one for the rest?

Do you have any descriptive colors to suggest? Or how about a name for the quilt? hmmm...


Jo said...

Jennifer, those are beautiful...! Let me put my thinking cap on and see what I can come up with.

There is a very lovely watercolour called "sap green". It looks like new leaves.

joe tulips said...

My favorite yellow crayola is called dandelion yellow. There wasn't any yellow pictured, will you have yellow? I love what you have done so far!
I am not very creative when it comes to names of quilts. I would end up calling it "the color quilt"