Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Random Memorial Weekend Shots

Our Memorial Weekend started out like this... Cold, snowy...There is a mountain under that cloud.

Then the sun came out for a bit and we decided to go exploring with Rugby.Rugs met up with some dog friends for a bit, she was a bit envious of the little guys leather "Bomber" jacket.

The river was still a little icy.

The tent moth caterpillars were doing their thing.

The next day we went exploring again but in different direction. Rugby's main focus was Squirrel hunting.

We had some pretty amazing cloud formations too!

Nothing to exciting...just a nice weekend to be thankful.


A Serenade for Solitude said...

The doggie bomber jacket is hilarious! I am so glad you got some blue skies. The cloud picture is amazing.

Have a great weekend!


Jo said...

Gorgeous photos...!

I love Rugby. He's adorable. ;-)

Jo said...

I meant "she". But you knew that. ;-)