Friday, May 13, 2011

Workin' Girl

The last two weeks Rugby has been a workin' dawg. Up until then her time was often spent like this... "Hey Rugs! We are goin' to sweep some chimney's today, wake up!"

So now I take her for a brief walk every hour and she spends the rest of the time in the car. We are constantly coming back to the work truck to get tools etc. so she gets frequent visits and has fun watching the birds, squirrels, and today I am pretty sure I saw a weasel...maybe... I saw a small flat headed critter that looked like a weasel. I gotta look it up and see if they exist here. ;0)

The best part of the day according to Lady Rugglesby is lunch, by far the greatest thing that happens. In the shot above Kevin has just pulled out a roast beef sandwich. Look at her eyes...

Look at her body! He he... this totally cracks me up.
She is "sitting pretty", something she does EVERY time she wants food so... she does it a lot.

"Oh my...that looks good. You're gonna give me some right?"

Look at her TAIL!!! She loves her lunchtime so much. He he :0)

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