Saturday, May 21, 2011

Things I have been working on...

Hello all!
Chimney Season has started again for us so I am busy during most week days but I have been able to get quite a bit done in the project department anyway. I have finished two more Hallowistmas Houses for Tonya.

In usual "Me" fashion I started yet another new project even though I have a box full of Unfinished projects. Actually it all started because I decided to go through my scrap tub. You see it was overfull, flowing out onto the floor. The best thing to do was sew a few of them together for something...maybe a pillow. I do love to make pillows. A crazy quilt type pillow with random embroidery scattered about.Yeah!

I am loving it already.

I quickly put together a couple new with the pillows again...I know but these two are going to be out on the "back patio pew" once it stops snowing. Yes...we are still getting snow.

I hand dyed the mottled solid fabrics myself!

here are the backs...oh so bright.

and this hideously ugly frame, which I got for free because it was partially burned in a house fire, is going to be transformed into something incredible...

The plants behind the frame are our tomatoes patiently waiting to go back outside when the sun comes out. My tiny house becomes a nursery in the spring. I have a few more things to show you but I need to take some photos first.

Have a great day...I am quite sure we will have many more! ;0)

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