Thursday, May 5, 2011

The Morgue Unit

I am back to work as a chimney sweep for the summer and today I had to go into a condo I call the Morgue Unit. I dread going into this place like none other. There have been worse places I have had the misfortune to work in but this one actually scares me. I get a bad case of the willies, the first time I cleaned this chimney I was shocked. Now I guess I am just stunned. I can't believe anyone would decorate their vacation rental home this way. I wonder if it is a place they rarely visit or do they spend long spells of time sitting under dead animal heads. When I enter the front door I am greeted by this fine fellow. Whoa...just got a chill up my back ...

This one is in the living room...

and so is this one...

I see these three beauties going up the stairs to the loft. The one at the bottom has amazing curly horns. Just Gorgeous.

This one is very unusual...The horns are straight and very long and he has a beard.Stunning but I can't look for too long. Eww
Did you ever go to Disneyland and see "The Bear Country Jamboree? That strange Winnie the Pooh ride is in its spot now. Well if you did than you will know what I mean when I say this Incredible massive creature below (water buffalo?) could start talking at anytime and when he does I will jump out of my skin.

This little baby makes me so sad... and scared. It looks like it could, looks like it should stand up and dart across the room. I am afraid it will!
It's whole little body is there!

Oh boy... this one is right above my head while I vacuum and shovel the ash out of the firebox.
Poor baby is peeking through the stairs at me...eek...I gotta hurry and get outta here.Shiver.

Whew...I am glad I won't have to go into that condo again for two years. Shake it off, Shake it off
The stuffed head of this fellow didn't give me the willies...

He was just two doors down and made me feel much better.

Smile...Shiver ;0)

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