Sunday, May 1, 2011

April Photo Hunt

I have been participating in a photo scavenger hunt challenge but never posted about it because I kept failing. Every month a new list is posted of twelve things to photograph within that month. Postcards from the P.P. started it and I read about it through Thimbleanna and took the bait. I can do it right? not as easily as I thought. It takes discipline man. I started in February and I didn't succeed in getting all the shots in time until the month of April although to be honest I didn't take that last shot till May 1st.
Here are my April photos

A Church- I grew up just down the street from this church. A Cross- I bought this Rosary when we visited the Santa Barbara Mission while on our honeymoon. The cross behind is craved into the church pew I have in my backyard. . A Sculpture- A ceramics project my son made.

A set of keys- He he ;0)

April Showers- Taken from the inside of a car while in a car wash.

Breakfast- My Hubby's breakfast.

Eggs- Malted Eggs, yummy

Something Yellow-A fuzzy chick perched in freshly bloomed Crocus flowers.

My Camera. Humble but fabulous!

Something to do with Shakespeare- A Super sized book I inherited which sits in mixed company.

Something to do with St.George's Day- I had to look up St.George for this one, never heard of him. This shot represents the flag.

Funky Shop sign- Super funky. Here is the list for May!

a butterfly

a bicycle

a red door

a cartoon character

an emergency vehicle

think vintage!

something blue

a street light


a sign of the zodiac

an interesting local building

a portrait in black and white

I wonder where I can find a red door?

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ctajdessert said...

people who are into Feng Shui often paint their front doors red. It represents wealth. Drive around in the Ritzy areas of Mammoth, you know those deserted places we talked about. I bet you will find a red door or two.