Monday, January 25, 2010

A Walk in Wonderland

After several days and nights of this...

my neighbors roof looks like this.
My backyard looks like this.

and the view from my sewing machine looks like this.

When the sun came out my hubby and I decided to take advantage of the break in the weather and take a walk to the Post Office, Bank and Market.
When we were leaving the house I discovered my front door looked like this.
The parking lot looked like this...

and this...
Here is the roof of another neighboring building. I love how the snow stayed up on those chimney caps like dollops of whipped cream.
In the foreground is the roof of our garage.
I shot this photo on our walk, that little blower is trying so hard to get the snow up over that huge snowbank.

Here is another example of how much we love our bears.

Mama Bear is having a rough one, but we had wonderful walk through our Winter Wonderland.


Land of shimp said...

Oh we must figure out a way to ship this to Vancouver for the Olympics.

We're going to need a massive thinking cap. And quite possibly a miracle. Hmmmm.

Maybe we could push it there with our thoughts?

Hello, Jennifer! I didn't realize I hadn't been here in a bit and I'm having the most delightful time catching up on all the posts! I like your visitor, and your unamused, but good, dog.

Jennifer D said...

Shimp, I know! How I wish I could send some Vancouvers way. Nice to hear from you.

Jo said...

Oh, you lucky thing. We have tulips growing here in Vancouver, and we have the winter Olympics coming up in two weeks.