Thursday, January 28, 2010


The last few weeks I have been crocheting my son an afghan. I have titled it "Candy Stripe".
He wanted me to make it colorful, no problem there.
I started to get bored a few days ago due to the endless "single crochet" stitch I I made a few of these
Patriotic Granny's...
St. Patty's Granny Squares...
Ohhh maybe pinks...Valentine's?
After making Granny's for awhile I started this...I don't know what it is yet... with a pattern new to me,"Shells and Lace". I have been having so much fun with it!
Sorry Candy Stripe, I'll get back to you soon...maybe ;-)


DUTA said...

My, you are gifted! My mother also loved the crochet and made a lot of doilies and other items, until she lost her sight due to the glaucoma disease.
She preferred to work with DMC cotton thread, usually off-white colour.

Jennifer D said...

Duta I know just the kind of crochet work you are talking about, and that is beyond my ability. My Grandma and my Mother used to make doilies with thread also, so delicate.