Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Beary Cold...

Update: January 24th at 2:00pm pacific time Animal Planet will be showing "The Bear Whisperer" again, just in case you missed it or maybe you just want to see it again. :-) I sure do.
We have a couple feet of fresh snow and it keeps on comin'. The weather report is calling for a couple more feet tonight and tomorrow and the wind is really picking up. Gratefully, I am nice and snug in my little home with my sweet old dogs watching all the devastation in Haiti and now in Southern California. Tornadoes, flooding and the expected mudslides are starting in So. Cal. and Haiti has just had a 6 point plus aftershock. I am so sad for those people. I'll have to stop watching the news soon before I get too depressed.
Hope you all are staying warm.

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