Friday, January 15, 2010

Chillin' like a Coyote

We had a visitor in our neighborhood the other day. At first we thought it was a mountain lion and began to call our Wildlife Specialist Steve, then we realized it was a coyote. He just laid there like he needed a rest,must have been chilly I think.
He got a bit nervous when I got closer and he ran off.

Gotta keep your little dogs and kitties in around here. If you'd like to read about another Coyote encounter go here.

Have a great day! Stay warm, it's freezing here.


Twyla and Lindsey said...

Great pictures! Scares me about the dogs and kitties though. Keep warm, enjoy your weekend! Twyla

Jo said...

Omigoodness, he is beautiful! I love coyotes. They can be naughty little critters at times, though. A coyote ate my family's cat just before Christmas. Everyone was heartbroken.

Keep warm!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jennifer!

He is so neat! Careful though!

Thinking about you....

hope you are great!

love, kelee

Jennifer D said...

Yep gotta be careful, but they sure are pretty.

Jo- I did read about your kitty and I am so sorry. I have lost a couple cats in my time. :-(

Heidi Ann said...

Wow - I've seen them, but never in my yard. We have seen foxes, though. And we are right in town!