Thursday, January 21, 2010

Spring has Sprung?

There is a break in the storm and I can almost see blue sky. However, another storm is rollin' in as I write this and this next one is supposed to be the big one! The top of our Mountain has received 63 inches of new snow since this series started. I think we got 3 or 4 feet here.

My little house is warm and cozy and believe it or not Spring has sprung. Well... sort of. You see for us to have gorgeous homegrown tomatoes and peppers that look like this in August...

we have to start here, inside... in the winter.

Last year I bought plants in March on my birthday and by the time September came around I had 6 foot plants with many tomatoes still green. So this year I am starting seeds in January and I will probably be living in a jungle in a couple months. Once the days are warm enough I start moving the plants outside during the day and back in at night. It is a bit of a chore but it's so worth it.

This sprout is a cabbage, a first for me.

I finished the Love Pillow this morning and so I am going to start a new crochet project even though I have a big afghan on my hook as we speak. I got lots of hooks.;-)
Yep that's me... I always have a dozen projects in various stages of doneness.


DUTA said...

Thanks for your comment on my last post.

I'm very impressed with your homegrown veggies. Enjoy growing and eating them!

Jennifer D said...

Duta,I will enjoy them and I enjoy your blog very much.