Saturday, August 22, 2009

Spiderman's Cape

I can finally post about a splendid cape I made for my nephew Jesse. He received it a couple nights ago. This was a tricky project for me. You see I have a hard time coming up with homemade gifts for young boys. I can come up with dozens of ideas for little girls but I struggle with the boys. Girls like flowers and buttons and bows just like me, boys like... what?
My son is only interested in sporting equipment, always has been.
He is all about bikes, scooters, skateboards,snowboards etc. so he hasn't prepared me very well.

Jesse likes Super Heroes! So I decided I would make a cape. My first idea was something along the lines of "Joseph's Amazing Technicolor Dream Coat" or a "cape of many colors" however it started to look a little bit... well... fruity!
A little too "Harry Potter" not enough "Defender of the Universe".

So I decided to find spiderman fabric. I do realize that Spiderman does not wear a cape but he is Jesse's favorite and I wanted to make a cape. The Black Spiderman is actually Jesse's favorite character but I couldn't find fabric with the Black Spidey. The cape is reversible, black with a red panel and a blue panel on one side and all spiderman cityscape on the other side.
Here he is...

Super Spidey Jedi Master!

I also made him an apron but I don't think it was nearly as exciting as the cape. You see... I am better with girly things :)


Jo said...

That Spiderman cape is wonnnnnderful...! You may just have started a trend. Watch the next time a Spiderman movie comes out. :-)

ctajdessert said...

Jesse and I just read your blog about his cape. His eyes are wide and bright! I think it still amazes them to see themselves on the internet. He wears his cape all the time, and has a special place in his drawer for it!!