Sunday, August 16, 2009

The day Elvis died

Today we are celebrating Elvis Presley by watching his movies and cooking barbecue All Day! Turner Classic Movies has Elvis movies on most of the day and I can fill in the blanks with the ones I own. We do this on January 8th every year for his birthday but I decided this year we would honor the day of his death as well. He died on August 16th in 1977. I am wondering what today is like in Memphis, Tennessee?

I adore his movies and his music, it is impossible to be anything but happy when watching Elvis sail along in a convertible full of pretty ladies singing his heart out. He is always ridiculously charming, the music is... of course, always great, the sets are beautiful and often in Hawaii and there is always a happy ending! Whats not to like. I realize many people think his movies are cheesy but that is exactly what I love about them. They are... what they are, Fun!


Jo said...

I remember how shocked I was the day Elvis died. Much more shocked than when Michael Jackson died. Elvis was an institution....!

I think Elvis was my first "crush". :-)

DUTA said...

Elvis was the one and only.

Land of shimp said...

He was also so incredibly handsome as a young man. Really, such a visual treat. I know his personal life was pretty tangled, but he left behind such evidence of tremendous talent, and boundless charisma.

By the way, I noticed your comment on Jo's blog about being part of the 47 million (some estimates run higher) of uninsured Americans. Take heart, and keep feeling hopeful.

I'm part of the insured segment of America who supports health care reform even if it means higher taxes for me. Thankfully this isn't just up to Obama. I've let every representative for my state know, in writing, that I support health care reform.

Our hopes don't just lie with Obama.