Saturday, August 15, 2009

Birds and Berries

Today's high is a comfortable 71 degrees and my garden is my favorite place to be. I wish I could do all my sewing out there. I have tried and the breeze always becomes a problem, no fun chasing paper and fabric around and how do I get the ironing board to stay up?
We have some juicy raspberries turning red, I usually eat them right off the bush, one by one, If I wait to get a bowl full the birds, bears and raccoons will get them first. You know... early picker gets the berry!

I finally got a shot of one of this years hummingbirds enjoying my new yellow glass feeder and a Stellar's Blue Jay! We have these guys all over but they HATE to get their photo taken.

and an Evening Grosbeak. Several years ago we had dozens of Grosbeaks on our feeders. When you came up to the house they would all fly up in alarm, it was very impressive... they kinda look like Parrots and they have these brilliant yellow feathers that show when they fly. That plain little lady behind the Grosbeak is a Cassin's Finch, they are my best customers :)

and have a look at our tomato plants! These are the biggest ones we have ever grown. We have Yellow Pear and Purple Calabash. They are both covered in fruits, yippee! We have had a few nights with frost and we have to bring them in the house on those nights but if we stay diligent we will have a lot of plump tomatoes this fall.

well I am headed back out there, I have some lavender to plant.
oh how I love summer days.
what are you up to today?

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