Saturday, August 21, 2010

Passion for Pumpkin

Do you remember my post about Audrey Pumpkin vine?
She has been doing splendidly outside on the front deck all covered in huge pumpkin colored blossoms and enormous leaves. Unfortunately at first all the flowers were male but I didn't care it is still a wonderful plant.

This is what Audrey looks like today. Amazing... I think.

I wasn't sure I could grow a Pumpkin vine up here in the mountains but she just keeps growing and one morning something fabulous happened.
A female flower! I pollinated it myself with one of the males in hopes I could maybe, just MAYBE get a pumpkin.
The first one was disappointing. It shriveled up but the second one kept growing and growing. Today she looks very promising.
Can you see her peeking out from under that showy Male flower.

Here she is. Such a beauty don't you think? I have named her Jackie O. Lantern ;0)
I hope she makes it to Halloween.

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