Friday, February 26, 2010

Too Soon?

I am starting to think I may have started my tomato seeds a bit too soon. This is how big they were on January 21st. This is my first sprout of cabbage. Cute huh?
This is that cabbage today...

and take a look at my tomatoes.
That giant lily pad like leave on the right is a pumpkin plant I have named it Audrey I.
I expect it to say"Feed me Seymour" any day now,

The scary thing is... I can't really leave them outside 'till June.

It's gonna be a jungle in here.

It is hard to be a farmer in snow country. ;-)

How are things growing for you?


Land of shimp said...

Ah but think of all the lovely, early tomatoes you will have! You can make fried green tomatoes...and then tell me what the heck they taste like, as I've never had them :-)

Jennifer D said...

Shimp, Green tomatoes is mostly what we got last year, that is why I am starting so early. I will let you know about the fried ones! he he