Tuesday, August 3, 2010


A couple days ago I went down to one of my very favorite nearby adventure spots. The wide view looks like this...
You wouldn't know that just to the right is a lush wonderland complete with a rushing river, swimming hole and wildlife galore unless you ventured down into the dense brush.
Just look at what I found this time... polliwog heaven. I spent many hours schlepping buckets of pond water from this creek to a large fish aquarium when I was a kid. I have a thing for frogs and back then I loved to catch polliwogs/ tadpoles and watch them turn into tiny frogs. I then released them back in their pond of course. I did see the polliwogs but it was the Dragonflies that amazed me this time. There are just a crazy amount of them out there right now. There were bright orange, red and blue ones zipping all around.
Can you see that one?
How about now?
Oh man! he flew away before I could focus.
This pretty pale blue Dragonfly was absolutely stubborn about this stalk of cows corn, lucky for me.
He refused to leave so I was able to get closer and closer.

I think he cussed me out!
His head was swiveling around giving me a "look".
He had the most fascinating eyes... like big clear bubbles of water.
I gotta go down there more often...so much fun.

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