Saturday, August 21, 2010

Choosy Squirrels choose Jif

I ran out of sunflower seeds the other day and the critters who visit my little Wildlife Diner were all squawking and chirping "Where's the Seed?". Do you see Mister Squirrels face? That is what he is saying right there.

So I tried something new. I rolled little balls of peanut butter in oatmeal and put them in the freezer. I even used Jif... my favorite. Chunky of course.
They were a hit! Mister Squirrel couldn't get enough of the cool peanut butter. I dare say he got a bit greedy so...
I filled the saucer with water and moved the PB balls further down the rail just to make the little guy work for it. ;0)Hmmm... He took a little sip.

I have the Peanut Butter Balls on a wooden tray just to the left of that little orange pot... you can see the corner of it in the photo below. Mister Squirrel scurries right around all those obstructions, grabs himself a ball of yummy chunky Jif. His next move was funny to me... he came back to the saucer of water, and sat right down in it! Mister Squirrel munched on his food while sitting in a cool bath.
It seems that he also used it as his toilet. I wonder if it was a message to me?
When he was done...
He washed it all down with the fresh water in the yellow mug. Keeping a wary eye on me and my camera the whole time.
He is out there right now with a couple friends chirping, I better get out there!

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kaiolohiakids said...

How cute! Can't believe you got all those photos!