Thursday, August 19, 2010

Walk to Poisonwood

On my walk to the Post Office and Bank I found myself enjoying the warm sun too much to go back home so I decided to trek down to Mammoth Creek Park and meander along the creek. Here is a shot from my first stop, the Post Office. Our PO always had some of the worst landscaping in town and several years ago a group of locals got together and made it beautiful. The shot below looks a bit dry and weedy now but it is actually just spent wildflowers. Can you see the metal Trout swimming up the dry creek bed? A good friend of ours Brian Jones made them. He is an incredible artist. He works mainly with metal and has sold many gorgeous pieces. I love these little "Rainbow Trout".
This eye catching work of art is also at the Post Office. It bobs and weaves in the wind. I am sorry I don't know who made it, I'll have to find out. It is very striking.

OK, I have crossed our Main Street and I am at the Bank now. Our town has put a great amount of effort into the path system. They have a long way to go still but boy, it is sooo much better than when I was a kid. We had NO sidewalks. Roller Skating was tricky. ;0)

Now I am at the Mammoth Creek Park, Ahhhh...
It is so soothing here. Cool, calm and I love to hear the kids playing in the creek.
I have made it to the creek and my feet are going in!
There is a young runner sitting up to his armpits in the water just downstream from me chilling his sore muscles in the super chilly snow melt. We have a lot of runners sitting in our creeks this time of year. They come from the flat land in large youth groups and run and soak. The high altitude training is ideal. If you can run here with the low oxygen levels than you can run like the wind in Los Angeles!
However I am no runner. I am a reader, so I pulled out my newest read "The Poisonwood Bible". Oh my... this book is amazing. I have been told many times to read it but just never came across it. I am so glad I bought it and I can't believe I waited so long. When I start a book and can't stop thinking about it or talking about it (poor hubby)... it's a keeper! I highly recommend a soak in a creek with The Poisonwood Bible.

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DUTA said...

Nice walk indeed to the Post Office, the Bank, the Mammoth Creek Park. And very nice pictures too.

I'm impressed by the metal trouts. Great artist this friend of yours Brian Jones.

Thanks for taking me along your journey.